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>Dear Jim,
>So Jim why does Veronica Read prefer the name W. rayneri? ....
>Mary Sue

Dear Mary Sue;
	I am no expert here, but this makes sense if true:
According to Veronica Read:
	Originally described as Amaryllis gigantea,
	changed to Amaryllis procera,
	then Hipp. procerum
Since the name Hipp. procerum was already applied to another plant 
(which later became known as Crinum erubescens), that name is 
unavailable for this plant.
	....changed to W. rayneri in honor of Arthington Worsley 
(1861-1943 who travelled extensively in S. Amer.) and John Rayner 
(who obtained flowers of the plant in 1870).

Key differences from Hippeastrum:
	Florets enclosed by 4 spathes
	D-shaped seeds of variable thickness
	Embryo almost fills seed
	Seed pods with thick fleshy walls
	Seeds too heavy for wind dispersal (7.5 grams/100)
	Bulb neck up to 36 in.
	Leaves hand vertically
	x = 21 (incompatible with other members of the Amaryllidaceae)

	With apologies to Veronica. Just reporting from her new book.

		Jim W.
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