Germinating Cardiocrinum giganteum

Eugene Zielinski
Mon, 06 Sep 2004 18:52:42 PDT
I checked Norm Deno's research, and he's pretty much convinced that the
seed loses viability fairly rapidly in dry storage.  In other words, old
seed will be "difficult to germinate."  So, sow the seed as soon as you
can, or keep it moist if you can't sow it right away.
As far as temperature is concerned, I can't find a definite pattern in the
research.  (He  tried temperatures of 40 F and 70 F.  I can send you an e
mail with the entire text - it isn't that long - if you'd like.)  I'd
recommend outdoor sowing in pots, but I don't speak from experience here.

Eugene Zielinski
Augusta, GA

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> Does anyone have any experience germinating seeds from these?  I'm =
> getting some soon and I'm not sure what I need to do?
> Steve
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