wildflowers with corms

Dennis Kramb dkramb@badbear.com
Mon, 06 Sep 2004 18:58:42 PDT
>Hi Joe:
>         My name is Alberto Castillo and I have a Botanical Garden in 
> Argentina in which we preserve many South American bulbous plants by 
> FREELY distributing the seed. I am in the process of recovering  from a 
> serious heart surgery last April that proved almost fatal. Fortunately 
> most of the plants have survived and we are always interested in adding 
> more species. As you know, we must add wild origin material preferrably, 
> hence your offering of Liatris seed sounds most exciting. We have grown a 
> few species in the past and they were interesting. Their organ seems to 
> be rather a tuber in which the buds are inserted although of course we 
> would not risk cutting a precious plant to find out. ! Therefore please 
> remember me in case these and other Texan geophytes become available. We 
> can import bulbs or plants without paper work. The ideal number is 25 
> plants but a more practical one is three (we increase their number from 
> seed sowing in due course). We used to grow a fantastic Texan section 
> years ago and they were very easy here.
>More soon.

Hi Alberto, nice to "meet" you.  I think that's a great policy your 
Botanical Garden has!  I wish more organizations shared that 
philosophy.  I'm also glad to hear you're recovering from a nearly fatal 
surgery!  I hope you can make an excellent recovery.

I have been relatively quiet on this group, but your message has encouraged 
me to respond.  I have a web database for identifying Iris species, and the 
information on South American species is very poor.  I wonder if you could 
direct me to a source of info/photos?  The site is located at 

Dennis in Cincinnati (Ohio, USA)

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