Lifting Crinum asiaticum in winter

Jay Yourch
Mon, 06 Sep 2004 19:21:45 PDT
Steve Burger wrote:

>Does anyone have any experience doing this?  How do these bulbs like to be stored, >and when should I lift them? Before or after the first frost?


I have not done this because generally Crinum resent disturbance.  I have wintered some Crinum asiaticum in containers in an unheated, but frost free, garage.  I kept the soil moist, but overly so.  The plants declined with the lack of heat, but did fine and took right off as outdoor temperatures warmed up.

I have also wintered a medium sized C. asiaticum in one of the warmest locations in the garden (a moderately sloped south facing bank that is bathed in winter sun).  It has survived and grown out there since spring 2001.  I throw some extra mulch around it after the frosts take it down.

If these are very small plants you may want  to dig them and because they are small you can probably get most of the roots without disturbing them too badly, but I don't think that replanting in the spring and digging each fall will be a long term option with flowering sized plants.  So either pick a big container or find your warmest microclimate.  Even better, if you have multiple plants, hedge your bets and do some of each.



Central North Carolina, USA (USDA Zone 7b) 


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