Crinum oliganthum

Jay Yourch
Mon, 06 Sep 2004 19:32:30 PDT
Steve Burger wrote:

>I have some small individuals of this plant and hope to get them through 
>winter in the ground >here in a moist 7b.  Does anyone have much experience 
>with this one, or know anecdotally how >hardy it is?


I have read that C. oliganthum is cold hardy to Zone 7 and being in the 
americanum/erubescens line this is believable.  This is my first season with 
this plant and I intend to winter it in the ground in a moist sheltered 
position with a bit of extra mulch.  I am fairly confident I will see this 
one pop back up next spring.



Central North Carolina, USA (USDA Zone 7b) 

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