potassium sulfate

zonneveld zonneveld@RULBIM.Leidenuniv.nl
Fri, 15 Apr 2005 05:35:41 PDT
Although Jim is right in stating that potassium sulfate is more or 
neutral that does not exclude a change in pH. It strongly depends 
on what is used first or fastest. If the potassium is used fastests 
the soil will acidify , if the sulfate is used fastest the soil will 
become alkaline. An example: depending on the nitrogen source 
the pH in a petridish with fungal grow will turn acid neutral or basic. 
If  ammoniumsulfate is ued the agar turns acid , if Sodium nitrate is 
used the agar turns alkaline , if pepton is ued the agar stays more 
or less neutral. I would not use a single salt, choose a well 
balanced mix suitable for what you wants i.e with high nitrogen for 
growth or low nitrogen for flowers and ripening
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