(Fritillaria) Bulbs seeding around

James Waddick jwaddick@kc.rr.com
Fri, 15 Apr 2005 06:33:39 PDT
Dear Jim and all;
	This got me thinking about hardy bulbs in colder climates 
seeding around AT ALL.

	I'd say fairly few hardy bulbs seed around. None in numbers 
that might be called weedy. Rarely even pulled out. For me it is 
fairly limited:

	Narcissus obvallaris (Tenby Daff)
	Eranthis hymalis
	Scilla siberica (but I have seen this a ground cover "weed" 
in a perfect spot nearby)
	Lilium formosanum
	Lilium lancifolium (fertile form, bulbils* too)
	Iris magnifica
	Iris lactea
	Pinellia pedatisecta (not other species)
	Allium (nothing comes to mind)
		just recalled a few A. zebdanense
	Lycoris -just found a few seedlings this spring
	Fritillaria (none)
	Tulips (none)
	might be something else.

	Anyone else in a cold climate experiencing self sown bulb seedlings?

	Personally I'd LIKE to have more things seed around. Looking 
for suggestions of hardy bulbs that are so inclined. Appreciate new 

		Best	Jim W.

	* A few things spread more easily by bulbils including most 
Pinellia, Tiger Lily, Ranunculus ficaria and surely something else.

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