Paeonia season 2005 now underway

James Waddick
Tue, 19 Apr 2005 11:48:43 PDT
Dear all;
	My first bloom was the aptly named 'Early Scout' a fern leaf 
peony hybrid (P. tenuifolia), since followed by P. mlokosewitschii, 
'Roselette' and a couple early Chinese Tree Peonies, P. tenuifolia 
and a host of others.
	Also starting up or done Iris stolonifera, I. iberica 
elegantissima, I. arenaria, I.flavissima, I. tigridia, I. sari and 
now the arilbreds (hybrids involving Oncocyclus species).

	Among 'true bulbs (now don't get started), Hyacinthus 
campanulatus is starting, Camassia (couple species) are in bud or 
	Lilies of various sorts continue to pop up daily. The 
established Orienpets are monsters surpassing tree peonies and still 
going, new Asiapets are coming on strong and most Asiatics are well 
along. L. formosanum seem to be trailing the pack.

	"Leucojum aestivalis" is just past peak and a couple early 
Arisaema (A. serratum, A engleri, A. amurense) are up and 
blooming-other just poking and more showing no sign. Some of those 
'who planted those' ornithogalums are blooming and I may be sorry. 
Dracunculus is up a couple of feet and few Arum sp are blooming 
already A. maculatum, A. orientale, A. rupicola and one or two others 
I need to research to find correct names.

	So an exciting time. I am try to soak this all up before 
leaving the garden in less than 24 hours for 2 weeks away (in W. 
China), but hope to make up for the absence here with good things to 
see there.

	Best and expect a quiet 2 weeks or more from me.	Jim W.
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