AW: [pbs] Paeonia season 2005 now underway

Hans und Babs Joschko
Tue, 19 Apr 2005 13:04:46 PDT
Hello plantfriends ,

Here is my peony flower report from Southwest Germany .
Since few days flowering in my garden :
P. russoi ( from Sardinia and Kephallonia ) , P. mairei , P. clusii
( with one pink-flowering plant) P. spec.Nur Dag ( maybe caucasica) P.
mascula ( from Caucasus ) , P. mascula ( from Black Sea ), P. tenuifolia .
Jim's plants are a little bit earlier -
but in few days comes more other plants :
P. cambessedesii , P. mascula v. hellenica , P. mascula with white flowers
from Sicily and after this the hybrids ( "Early Scout", "Roselette",
"Lavender" ) .

This is really a wonderful time of the year !

With best wishes for nice spring days


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