Peruvian hippeastrum

Kevin D. Preuss
Tue, 02 Aug 2005 07:01:30 PDT
Alberto, Alan and all -
Does anybody know of a small, pink-flowered species of Hippeastrum found near Tambopata, Peru?  This is the NE part of the country.  
The plant seems very simialr to H. anzoldoii/evansiae, found relatively nearby in Bolivia, but has pink instead of white flowers. The scapes are about 12" to 18" tall (1-3 per bulb) and flowers about 3-1/2 inhes long, 3" across.  There is redish pigments at leaf and scape base. The flowers have a small whitish/green center. There are 3-4 flowers/scape so far.
I had imported 3 bulbs for study and am very impressed with this gem. I have seen no other species like it, except evansiae in form and H. traubii for color. 
any ideas? at some point i'll post a pic of this on my web site.
Kevin Preuss

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