Storing dormant Tecophilaea corms COOL and DRY

Carol Jensen
Tue, 02 Aug 2005 02:08:52 PDT
At 04:20 02-08-2005, Bill Dijk wrote:

>Perhaps I should rephrase that and say dryish, say 90-95%.
>Bill D.
I don't water the week before my "amaryllis" go into forced dormancy, around September-October. But they stay stone-dry and dark (under cardboard boxes) for 2 months at 10-12C.

I suppose this is okay because it is a real bulb and not a corm, but I was planning to do the same for the ismene.

I take up my dahlia in October and when the top is dry, I cut it off and store the tubers stone-dry in a cold room. Around April the tubers start sprouting and get outdoors around May 1st (Denmark being a coolish place, you know).

Am I just lucky that nothing dies on me?


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