Storing dormant Tecophilaea corms COOL and DRY

Bill Dijk
Mon, 01 Aug 2005 19:20:45 PDT

Hi All,

As mentioned before ,when flowering is finished, I gradually reduce water to
allow bulbs to go dormant and dry in summer.
I always store the Tecophilaea corms DRY and in an COOL place, when dormant.
Perhaps I should rephrase that and say dryish, say 90-95%.
I agree with Ian Young  suggesting not letting them get too dry in dormancy.
Our potting mix in the containers never get bone dry, the corms always
remain firm and healthy, for as long I want to keep them.
Our large and deep containers always seem to hold a little moisture, say
5-10 % during that time.
When 100% bone-dry, I believe the corms could suffer/deteriorate to the
point of poor flowering or losing them.
In their natural habitat of course they never dry out completely either.
I mho storing the corms cool and dry(ish) is very important,
as oppose to storing them to warm/wet in any haphazardous way, a potential
recipe for disaster, especially in the warmer climates.

Best wishes.

Bill D.


> Bill (Dijk) and Lee,
> during dormancy do you ever water your pots? I assume John Lonsdale would
> get some moisture from rain for his.
> Mary Sue

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