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Thanks, Diana. I would love to see your pictures. I have a couple already, 
but they aren't mine or I'd have posted them.  What I most crave, though, is 
reliable information. How tall is the plant? The Chilean information I 
picked up says this blooms in August-September, but yours bloom in May-June. 
You say it's easy to grow. Must one watch the watering regime? How much cold 
can it take?

In addition, Arnold has sent me a paper from the American Journal of Botany 
that I am reading right now. Something about only 3 stamens ... as far as I 
got when the telephone began ringing ... More when I can! Thank you for your 



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>I grow Gethyum.  It seems easy, and blooms in late May/early June.  I
> wouldn't describe it as "beautiful", more like "interesting".  I have
> pictures, and will ask Susan for help in uploading them.
> Diana
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