Lycoris squamigera in bloom here in Maryland

Lee Poulsen
Sat, 06 Aug 2005 09:33:20 PDT
I have L. sprengeri and L. radiata pumila × ×haywardii both in bloom  
now. The second one looks somewhat similar to the first one except  
that the petals are somewhat thinner, the pink is redder and there is  
only a faint hint of blue on the tips of the petals. Jim W., could it  
be another L. sprengeri that was mislabelled?

--Lee Poulsen
Pasadena, California, USA, USDA Zone 10a

On Aug 6, 2005, at 7:48 AM, J.E. Shields wrote:

> I don't have bloom size squamigera planted here, but I have one  
> scape each
> showing on LL. sprengeri, chinensis, and longituba.  More should be  
> popping
> up any day now.
> At 10:27 AM 8/6/2005 -0400, Jim McK. wrote:
>> Lycoris squamigera is starting to bloom now here in zone 7 Maryland.
>> ........

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