More Lycoris

James Waddick
Sat, 06 Aug 2005 09:17:55 PDT
Dear All;
	We continue too hot and too dry. The only Lycoris in bloom 
are those that get some extra moisture. I assume more will pop up 
after a decent rainfall. Typical.

	A clump of good pure white L. longituba* amazed me when I 
took a stick to it- yardstick. The center of the inflorescence was an 
easy 36 inches tall and the tallest point another 5-6 inches higher.

	So far a few sprengeri and a few chinensis in bloom too. Lots 
of squamigera, b ut only in some places.
	One stalk on an odd sprengeri x chinensis hybrid looks sort 
of like the former but orange with a hint of pink.

	A larger clump of an old sprengeri x aurea clump is palest 
yellow with a size and form closer to sprengeri.

	So many of these are so easy and reliable in this awful 
climate and current weather pattern that it seems urgent to get these 
propagated and into wider culture. I know the demand is there, if 
only the supply were there too.

	Steaming and dreaming in Kansas City.	Jim W.

* I mention a "good pure white" because, although this is the 'color' 
of L. longituba, a number of 1st, 2nd and ...on generation hybrids 
with L. chinensis seem to exist that I see a range from pure white to 
those with yellow throats to pale yellow to medium yellow. Some have 
the form of L. longituba with nearly oval smooth petals and some 
approach L. chinensis with narrower ruffled spidery blooms in various 
colors. A mixed planting of these hybrids has just begun to bloom 
with around 6 or 7 variants. I am sure the rest are waiting for the 
rainfall to arrive.
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