Pokeweed 'Silberstein'

James Waddick jwaddick@kc.rr.com
Mon, 15 Aug 2005 11:18:04 PDT
>Also, does anyone know to what extent the rather startling variegated
>form, 'Silberstein', comes true from seed? A few weeks ago I found
>another variegated form, with cream sectorial variegation, rather
>than the speckling of 'Silberstein'. It remains to be seen if its
>proves stable...

Dear Graham;
	Welcome to the list.

	'Silberstein' generally comes true, but some selection is 
needed for best variegation. Oddly it hasn't self sown here, where 
typical Poke is a serious weed.

	I've never had a reaction from handling 'Silberstein'.

	I've noticed that if seedlings are started in spring, a good 
percentage of them winter kill the first winter, but if they survive 
they are fairly permanent.

	The amazing foliage makes it a very garden worthy plant.

		Best		Jim W.
ps RE: Cream sectorial variegation. I hear second handedly that 
cuttings of variegated Poke root easily, but almost never produce 
viable buds and survive winters. Serious propagation by seed only, so 
this new form may be a passing fancy -literally.
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