Alberto Castillo
Mon, 15 Aug 2005 12:46:16 PDT


"Some daffodil growers I know cut these vinyl slats into about 2" strips and
>write the cultivar names in #2 pencil on them and bury them with the bulbs.
>When  it comes time to dig and divide, if you've lost the above-ground 
>label or
>had a  casualty with your map, the buried tag is a great backup."

Hi Bill:
        Unfortunately vynil ones are not very widespread although they are 
superb. Only Mark McDonough seems to have access to them.
        Brian Mathew suggest making double labels that is writing the same 
data both on the upper and the buried portions of the same label to cope 
with cats, dogs, etc. Bob made the great move of writing a duplicate label 
and burying it at the bottom of the pot. Thus, no matter what happens to the 
visible label, the identity is never lost. Similar to the solution that 
these people you mention use. And pencil is the best for writing on metal or 
plastic. I have used lead and 14 different types of marker. Sharpies are 
pretty lasting but gradually fade.

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