Watsonia in Oregon.

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Sat, 20 Aug 2005 13:01:33 PDT

Yes, they're outdoors year-round. In fact, they're in the ground and 
have been so for about 6 years. Then, about 3 years ago, I planted some 
bulbils from the stems of the original plants -- these bloomed well 
this spring.

I brought them from So. CA when we moved here in late 1997, kept them 
in pots for several years, then put them in the ground -- my soil is a 
silty clay loam -- about 10 feet east of the house where they've grown 
without any additional protection.. They get morning sun.

As for the bloom time, my rather haphazard garden record states that, 
this year, the first few florets opened May 24. They've flowered every 
year for me. This year the tallest spike extended to 4.5 feet tall -- 
never before had they been so vigorous!

Since I've been here, I've acquired Watsonia laccata, W. humilis, and 
W. beatricis through the BX. All these are in pots, again outdoors 
year-round, and without extra protection. The laccata and humilis bloom 
every year whereas the beatricis only bloomed the 2nd year I had them. 
I'm thinking the latter need to go into the ground.

This year laccata bloomed from May 6 through June 10 whereas humilis 
began May 26; sorry, I didn't record an end point. (sigh)

in Portland, OR

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Do you grow the Watsonia outside year-round? When does it bloom for you?

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