More Marcelle Sheppard Crinum Hybrids
Fri, 02 Dec 2005 15:34:01 PST
Hi Gang,

Crinum x ‘Burgundy’ was described as a hybrid between C. scabrum and C. 
moorei by Les Hannibal.  He explained somewhere that the combination is called 
Crinum x worsleyi.  It is a vigorous and healthy plant that blooms reliably, but 
I don't know if all C. x worsleyi are so inclined.   'Burgundy' resembles ‘
Ellen Bosanquet’ but reblooms better.  Of course, just like ‘Ellen Bosanquet’, 
there are different things running around that may or may not be the real 
thing.  In one publication Mr. Hannibal suggested that C. x worsleyi might be 
tender in USDA climate zone 7.  

Marcelle Sheppard has used ‘Burgundy’ in a number of crosses.  Some of the 
best results were obtained with C. macowanii.  The very best seedlings are a 
wonderful peppermint pink (no mauve for these guys).  Some are heavy bloomers 
putting up medium-high scapes with masses of flowers that can be pendant.  

Marcelle has also crossed ‘Burgundy’ with C. bulbispermum Jumbo type plants 
and with C. scabrum types (i.e., the Rose City schoolhouse clones).  

LINK:  Marcelle Sheppard's ‘Burgundy’ Hybrids 

LINK:  C. x ‘Burgundy' 


Conroe Joe
P.S.  A bit of light frost a few days ago, day temperatures are in mid-60s 
(about 15 C), and night temperatures are 40-50 F (5-9 C).  No rain for a week or 
so.  This is perfect weather for winter bulbs.  

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