Mary Sue Ittner
Fri, 02 Dec 2005 20:19:35 PST


I noticed that Osmani is spelling the species name of Pasithea differently 
than I do. Since it is a South American species I am assuming he might know 
better than I do how to spell it. I had been using the name that I had and 
that is listed in my reference books. So I decided to look it up in IPNI 
and Mobot to see what name they were giving it.
In IPNI I found the name I had been using and this family:

Anthericaceae Pasithea caerulea ( 

in Edinb. N. Phil. Journ. xiii. (Oct. 1832) 237.
Ruiz & Pav. Fl. Per. iii. 67. t. 299.

In Mobot I found the name Osmani is using and a different family:

Pasithea coerulea (Ruiz & Pav.) D. Don

Group - Monocot - Family - LILIACEAE - Lily Family
Published in: Edinburgh New Philosophical Journal 13: 237. 1832.
Type - specimen(s)
type: Ruiz & Pavon 9/65, 1778-88, Peru (MA). Basionym:
coeruleum<…> Ruiz & 
Flora 3: 67. 1802.
Could someone please suggest which name I should go with and which family? 
It appears that both references site the same source for the published name 
with a different spelling. I thought it was from Chile, but it looks like 
when it was published it was from Peru?

I love the blue flowers of this plant and would like to know what to call 
it. Thanks for any help with this.

Mary Sue

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