Manfreda virginica
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> Also, one of the plants at the nursery apparently tried to bloom in fall 
> rather than at the normal time in spring.  Is this normal behavior? 


Manfreda species have discrete bloom times here in Texas.  Of the five 
species I've observed three of them.  

Manfreda virginica that grows locally (East Texas) does not bloom till about 
midsummer (June or July).  

Manfreda variegata blooms in spring--perhaps 2 months before the local M. 
virginica.  M. variegata is from South Texas, I've only seen it near the Mexican 
border in a few places.  Even when the plants are grown in Houston area they 
bloom in mid- or late-April, about 2 months before M. virginica.  

Manfreda maculosa blooms in late spring or early summer (late May or June), 
but I've only observed one population from George West, TX (about 100 miles 
south of San Antonio).  Perhaps other populations do different things.  The 
plants from George West are nicely fragrant.  


Conroe Joe

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