diana chapman
Mon, 26 Dec 2005 09:15:46 PST
I have been smitten with Crocus fever, although at the present I only grow a
very few, and know little about the genus.  So here are a few questions for
the Crocus experts:

Is it too late to sow Crocus seed?
Is it advisable to stratify seed of the species from higher elevations,
(i.e. the ones that bloom in spring) if you live as I do, in a region with
mild winters?
In mild winter regions, can one grow the species from alpine regions?
I planted seed from NARGS of several species last year, some I stratified,
some I didn't.  None germinated last year, but are germinating now.  Is this
common/usual with Crocus - do they need a year or more to germinate?
Do most Crocus offset, or are they like other genera, with some that offset
well and others that reproduce mostly by seed?
Any recommendations for a beginner's list of Crocus for those that live in
mild winter regions (or for those that don't).

Telos Rare Bulbs

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