Robert Hamilton
Tue, 13 Dec 2005 02:33:54 PST
Hi  all,

I  have  uploaded  two images of  Bomarea species  which are currently  
flowering  for me.…

These  were  grown from seed  obtained  from BX7 in  September  2002 
which  was  donated   by Diana Chapman .  Thanks  Diana!

I  grow  my  Bomarea  in a  raised  bed , purpose  built, at the  base 
of one of the lattice  walls of my shadehouse. The  bed is  about 20cm 
high  using concrete blocks  as  edging. It  is  20cm  wide  and  
several metres  long.

Bomarea  caldasii  is  evergreen in this  situation and  quite a 
vigorous  grower. Occasionally some frost  damage  occurs  to the 
growing tips  but it recovers easily from this.  Seed of this  was  
sown in September  2002  and  germinated in February  2003.

Bomarea salsilla  is  deciduous appearing in late  winter  and  growing 
through to late  summer. It  is  a  slow  grower  by comparison to  
caldasii and  not as  spectacular. I  was   sown at the  same time  as 
caldasii  but did not appear  until  August 2003 the last month of our 

These   and other  Bomarea I  grow  do not appreciate growing in pots  
but have  thrived  since I  planted them in my raised  bed.



Temperate Marine Climate
Zone  9  equivalent

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