Crinum x powellii

Mary Sue Ittner
Mon, 12 Dec 2005 22:37:23 PST

Arnold and Susan and I have been getting a lot of non member posts 
recently. There was one today  from someone in Sweden that seems to be a 
response to this post from January last year:…

It seems that this person isn't really asking a question, but wanting to 
comment so I am passing it on in case any of you Crinum fans are interested.

"I just happened to see the conversation about Crinum x powellii. It is the 
hybrid of: bulbispermum x moorei AND moorei x bulbispermum. The botanical 
code state that the hybrid name include all hybrids between the two 
species. Either species can bee seed-parent/pollen-parent and you still get 
Crinum x powellii. In the history of the clones you can state with parent 
is male and female but it will not affect the botanical hybrid name.

best regards

Ulf Eliasson"

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