Squirrel elimination

Kelly O'Neill kellyo@wetrock.com
Sun, 18 Dec 2005 00:16:19 PST
> of eliminating squirrels.

One of my theories is that old squirrels that have lived in 
your area will get to know what tastes good and leave most 
stuff alone. They still cause trouble, however, I think 
removal of too many old squirrels brings in inexperienced 
squirrels that dig up everything (and, so, in other words, it 
gets worse if you remove the current batch of 
troublemakers). That said, it also gets worse if they do not 
fear you. So, maybe catching them and other fear inducing 
strategies are useful even if they end up still living nearby. 
Random research still in progress on these theories.
 Happy Holidays, KellyO

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