rodents, squirells and a cat
Wed, 21 Dec 2005 19:34:34 PST
I consider myself an animal lover BUT, do not want rats, mice  or squirrel's 
in my house or eating my bulbs.  I will trap the rats  and mice. I have a nice 
cat who is certain we planted this 1 1/2 acre  garden just for him.  He does 
not eat birds, knows they are off  limits.  I take him in my chicken pen daily 
to remind him.  He will  kill mice and rats.
New neighbors moved in, they have 3 cats, 2 seem nice and usually stay  home, 
a block away.  The third is huge and mean.  He wants to own my  garden, eats 
and or just kills birds, has put my cat in the vet clinic 3  times.  I have 
had it and am having not so nice thoughts.  
Any legal ideas?  talking to the people who otherwise seem nice has  gotten 
me no where.  They took this cat from someone else who couldn't  handle him.  

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