Green-flowered Crinum
Sun, 18 Dec 2005 18:12:47 PST
Hi Gang,

Marcelle has created a new Crinum flower color; she has produced a 
green-flowered Crinum.

As yet, she has not named it but she is considering 'Emerald' as a name for 
the hybrid.  It grows well in East Texas and (unlike many C. bulbispermum Jumbo 
hybrids) it increases easily enough via offsets.  

If you like Crinum, or if you like new flower colors, please check out the 
green-flowered Crinum link.  

LINK:  Green-flowered Crinum 

This color is special because there are few green-flowered ornamental plants 
of any type and because it is a new color for Crinum.  However, in addition to 
the special color, the plants seem garden worthy and durable in East Texas.  
The flowers (and the color) stand up to sun, rain, and drought.  The flowers 
are durable as one might expect from C. bulbispermum hybrids; the plant itself 
seems cold-hardy and tough (at least for zone 9).  Perhaps, like many C. 
bulbispermum hybrids, it may be hardy into zone 6, or even zone 5 with special 


Conroe Joe

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