Bulbophiles' Extracurricular Plant Hobby?

Brook Klehm bklehm@comcast.net
Tue, 27 Dec 2005 18:01:00 PST
I remember my high school days in the early 1970's and the time I spent 
in the library reading garden books (yes, I started early).  One older 
book suggested planting Cannabis sativa for a quick hedge, though it 
warned about the foliage which could be poisonous.  Which reminds me of 
a story from about that time regarding a gardening army colonel from 
the south east of the US who was busted while trimming his hedge.  He 
had no idea he was cultivating a controlled substance (or so he 
claimed).  True or false?  Who knows.

Continuing off topic and on the topic of old gardening books... I 
remember reading an older British garden book which suggested Rhus 
toxicodendron as a large scale vine to train up a tree.  They commented 
on it's spectacular fall color, though they warned that some people are 
allergic to it.  For folks not from the east coast of the US, Rhus 
toxicodendron is poison ivy which causes terrible (even life 
threatening) dermatitis.

Please forgive me if the botanical name of poison ivy is outdated.  I 
no longer live where it grows and am not familiar with the current 

Brook Klehm  Seattle Washington (just south of beautiful Vancouver 

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