Manfreda virginica, ho ho ho!!

Dennis Kramb
Tue, 27 Dec 2005 18:46:07 PST
>They quickly lose their foliage in winter here as well - in fact, I didn't
>realize there were strains that didn't until I saw your note. Flowering time

Okay, I revisited the site and confirmed I was wrong.  They were mostly 
blasted by winter the same as my Arkansas Manfreda.  However, one still 
looked quite green in comparison to the others.  Where most of them were 
nearly totally defoliated (deciduous), one still had some green (it was one 
of the few that had not bloomed this year).  Amongst all that brown the 
green really popped out visually.

I uploaded a photo of it to

Sorry for the confusion!

Dennis in Cincy

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