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Susan Hayek
Tue, 27 Dec 2005 21:24:22 PST
In order to see Hans' photos and to be able to read any text 
regarding them, please simply go to the Genus page.

For the new Cyclamen photos go to…
>Cyclamen purpurascens aff carm
>I found just one plant of this typ in a large population of Cyc.
>purpurascens in the french alps (Savoyen) - in the background Mt. Blanc
>Cyclamen purpurascens f album
>I have two of this really rare plants - and I hope for a
>good multiplication in future.
>Cyclamen purpurascens garden
>Plants from different locations grow in my garden without any problems :
>Lake Lugano ( Italy )
>Lake Garda ( Italy )
>Woods near Vienna ( Austria )
>Savoyen ( France )
>Istria ( Croatia )
>Lake Plitvice ( Croatia )

For the Panacratium go to…

>Pancratium illyricum inhabitat
>Pancratium llyricum
>This plants I found on my hiking trips in the mountains of Corsica in May-
>June , they grow on rocky slopes ,the soil is not calcy ( ph 5.0 ),the
>altitude was 800m.

And for Chlidanthus go to…

>Chlidanthus fragrans

and Zephyranthes…

>Zephyranthes species

>I sent pictures of cutting flowers earlier this years -here are the photos
>of the flowering plants.
>G. Roitman thinks it is Z. mesochloa - but A.Castillo thinks it could be
>another, maybe new species - because Z. mesochloa is a lowland plant and
>these plants were found on an altitude of 1100 m .
>I hope all enjoy these pictures !
>Many greetings from Germany and my best wishes to all for a Happy New Year !

susan hayek, North Coast of CA, USA, zone 9b, Sunset zone 17.
15 miles south of Eureka, CA, overlooking the Eel River, with a peek 
of the ocean.

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