Crocus predators

Tue, 13 Dec 2005 10:46:59 PST
I think that unless you have plentiful mouse predators in your area, that 
you are opening up a can of Mice! Predators and food limit the reproductive 
capacity of most rodents and you have provided them with a very high quality 

Vista, CA

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> Mike's mention that the worst problem growing crocuses in his area is
> animal predators motivated me to mention yet another new attempt at
> controlling mice in a crocus collection. Field mice won't take many of the
> baits sold for control of house mice, and the ones currently at large here
> seem unusually clever at robbing the bait out of traps without triggering
> the traps. I finally decided to try distraction. Since they love sunflower
> seeds, I just put a bowl of sunflower seeds (the kind sold for bird
> feeders) in the crocus area of the bulb frame where they were digging for
> corms. They've been taking the seeds and have left the pots alone for a 
> few
> days now. I hope this will be an environmentally safe compromise. I plan 
> to
> move the seeds gradually away from the crocuses and teach the mice to go
> somewhere else for food.
> Jane McGary
> Northwestern Oregon, USA
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