Crocus predators

Brook Klehm
Tue, 13 Dec 2005 10:24:42 PST
Slightly off topic, though related to Jane's post:

Jane's solution to work "with" the vermin rather than "against" them 
puts me in mind of some solutions for those long legged vermin, deer.  
I've heard tell of luring them away from the lush and pretty plants 
with salt licks and ... water.  It seems they crave salt much as cattle 
do and that in the late summer/fall, when the woods are bone dry in 
Mediterranean climates, they require moisture (of the type they get 
from verdant, irrigated garden plants).  I'll be very curious to hear 
of any success (or not) of the sunflower seed lure for the little field 

Brook, ex of Sebastopol, Northern CA, cold USDA 9

On Dec 13, 2005, at 9:19 AM, Jane McGary wrote:
> I just put a bowl of sunflower seeds (the kind sold for bird
> feeders) in the crocus area of the bulb frame where they were digging 
> for
> corms. They've been taking the seeds and have left the pots alone for 
> a few
> days now. I hope this will be an environmentally safe compromise. I 
> plan to
> move the seeds gradually away from the crocuses and teach the mice to 
> go
> somewhere else for food.
> Jane McGary
> Northwestern Oregon, USA
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