Bulbs being devoured

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Fri, 16 Dec 2005 15:21:01 PST
Does the garlic-lime chicken contain crunchy whole coriander seeds?


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This has been an interesting topic, the subject of which hasn't been too
great a 
problem for me yet.  I swear that they use reference books to find the most 
valuable and rare plants when they do commit mischief, though.
   Two things I've noted is that: 1) Finding a good bait for those who trap,
lure the pests seems to be a problem, and 2) The critters seem to learn to
a bait once it's been used for a spell.
   How about trying a double whammy, and using some excess (or cheap, bulk,
of season) crocus bulbs as the bait.  They seem to like them, and might
learn to 
avoid them.  I'm sure that some will think I'm sick and twisted for uttering

this blasphemous use of the object of our affections, but so be it!
   Now back to fixing the garlic lime chicken for tonight's dinner.

Happy holidays to all

Dave Brastow
Tumwater, Washington, USA

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