Pasithea available

Lis Allison
Sun, 04 Dec 2005 06:31:57 PST
On Saturday 03 December 2005 05:18 pm, Osmani Baullosa wrote:
>   From today, saturday, I have seeds of Pasithea (hardy populations)
> available. Anyone interested? This species is on my list too.

Hello Osmani,

I would be extremely interested if you have enough seeds to risk sending a 
few to someone in Canada. I have been following the discussion, and am 
blown away by the pictures on the wiki.

The latest picture, showing the storage organs, reminds me a lot of either 
a dahlia or a potato! I guess the South American continent had conditions 
that led to the development of plants with such structures. 

Can this plant be treated like a Dahlia in a cold climate? That is, dig up 
and store the tubers over winter? I have great success with Dahlias, so 
it might work; if not, I would try to grow Pasithea in a pot in the 

Lis Allison, Carp, Ontario, Canada, snowy and -10C today, quite right for 
the season!

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