Help with Mystery Oxalis

diana chapman
Sun, 18 Dec 2005 09:49:11 PST
Dear Mary Sue and Uli:

Having finally found time to look up Salter, I think the mystery Oxalis is
indeed O. namaquana. The one I have been listing under that name came to me
from someone in South Africa who identified it as O. namaquana, but I now
feel it is another form of O. flava.

From Salter:  "leaflets 3, shortly petiolulate, linear or oblong, tapering
at the base, incised at the apex, sometimes condupilicate, 1.2-2.7cm long,
2-7mm broad..."

The flowers are described as bright yellow, although he doesn't mention the
red edging on the underside, but Salter often omits details like this.

The leaves seem to identify it as O. namaquana.  The bulb is supposed to be
about 2.5cm long, with thin blackish tunics which can be pale brown on less
mature bulbs.

Telos Rare Bulbs

> Hi all,
> I've been meaning to get these pictures on the Mystery page of three
> species that Uli gave me that he was unsure about the identity. Two are
> blooming now and the other bloomed October-November. Can any of you help
> with the identity? I have described them on the page. Thanks for your

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