Crinum bulbispermum Jumbos
Sun, 18 Dec 2005 09:12:52 PST
Hi Gang,

I've gotten the Crinum bulbispermum Jumbo page in better condition.  
Conversations with Marcelle helped me understand more about these durable and 
beautiful hybrids.  There is no single "Jumbo" hybrid.  Jumbo refers to a line of 
hybrids, a collection of related plants.  

The Jumbos are big bulbs that don't offset, so Marcelle calls them 
Jumbo-sized because they grow large in the garden, becoming 50% larger than a typical C. 
bulbispermum.  In fact, they make excellent landscape plants.  

The Jumbos are important because they have strong scapes, typically provide 
offspring with lots of reblooming and lots of big flowers, and they are nearly 
evergreen in zone 9.  Additionally, they gave rise to several special flower 
colors or types:  
1.  Opening nearly white and during dark rose on day two.
2.  Deep burgundy flowers with a chamois leather type look (not feel)
3.  Green-white flowers (page not up yet), and most importantly;
4.  Flowers that are pure green.

These latter hybrids, which are unnamed, are remarkable.  I hope to have that 
page put up soon.  Marcelle concentrated on the palest of the Jumbos, selfing 
and backcrossing them; eventually she produced a hybrids that make beautiful 
flowers of pure white with green keels, or (most exceptionally) pure green 
flowers.  The green flowers are a soft-pale green (no white in the tepals) and 
have a good shape.  The keels are just a bit darker green than the tepal flanges 
and the flowers are held high on strong stems.  

So, if you are interested in Crinum check out the Jumbo page, and I'll try to 
get the green-flowered Crinum page up in a day or two.  

LINK:  C. bulbispermum Jumbo hybrids  


Conroe Joe
(Joe Shaw, Conroe, TX)

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