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Barry Wright
Wed, 16 Feb 2005 09:32:23 PST
Hi Mary Sue,
Well that went entirely over my head! How do I post a picture? I've had a
request to post a pic of my Narcissus hybrid, but don't know how to. Help!
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Ibiblio will be migrating the sites they host to a new server one of these
days. We are in the queue, but I don't know exactly when it might happen.
When they do that, hopefully our wiki will be more stable and quicker. Some
days I am sure you all have found it is very slow or times out. Other days
pictures load very quickly.

All of our wiki pages can now can be accessed one of three ways. Using the
example of our home page for our wiki:………

After we are moved the first name will be phased out. For several month the
urls will be redirected, but after that they will generate an error
message. This means that urls in our archives won't work and urls on our
wiki pages won't work as they have been written in the past. We are in the
process of changing all the file urls on each page. Not all of our pages
need to be changed, but most of them do (more than 300). Susan Hayek, Jay
Yourch, and Mark McDonough are helping me with this project. Those of you
who link to our web page could already change the url.

It would be a great help to us if when you add new pictures to the wiki
that you use the name that will work in the future when you add the picture
to a wiki page:…
That way we won't have to change a page that is already finished. Someone
has just added some very nice Habranthus pictures. They haven't
disappeared. I've capitalized the file name and moved them to the
Habranthus folder. To illustrate the new urls I'd like you to use, these
three are now:….

And once they get on a page they will be on:…

For those of you who are moaning that you will have to relearn how to do
this, I am very sorry, but it is out of our control. Remembering should ultimately be easier than
. I have added the correct name to the… page so that
when you upload a file it will be a reminder for you. Unfortunately until
they move us the message that is automatically generated when you are
successful will have the old name. Sigh...

Thanks for your help in this.

Mary Sue

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