Growing Alstroemeria from stem cuttings?

Roy Sachs
Sun, 20 Feb 2005 04:29:29 PST
>Annual growth in monocots is not in itself a barrier to propagation: leaf
>cuttings of Eucomis etc work perfectly well, as do stem cuttings of
>Tricyrtis. But I admit that I have never heard of Altroemeria (or most other
>monocots) being propagated in this way. Perhaps we should give it a try.
>John Grimshaw
>Dr John M. Grimshaw
>Garden Manager, Colesbourne Gardens
>Sycamore Cottage
>Nr Cheltenham
>Gloucestershire GL53 9NP

John: It's been given a try, probably much more than once, because 
there is a paper reporting success with alstroemeria stem cuttings 
published by Halevy and someone else in Scientiaq Horticulturae (I 
think that was the journal).  It is unfortunately an erroneous result 
with no follow-up correction by the authors.

FWIW:  When I first attempted propagating alstroemeria some years ago 
I tried using every kind of tissue offered; rhizome pieces, the tips 
and those containing axillary buds, were the only ones that continued 
growing and reproduced the entire plant.

Roy Sachs

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