Growing Alstroemeria from stem cuttings?
Sun, 20 Feb 2005 01:40:23 PST
Annual growth in monocots is not in itself a barrier to propagation: leaf
cuttings of Eucomis etc work perfectly well, as do stem cuttings of
Tricyrtis. But I admit that I have never heard of Altroemeria (or most other
monocots) being propagated in this way. Perhaps we should give it a try.

John Grimshaw

Dr John M. Grimshaw
Garden Manager, Colesbourne Gardens

Sycamore Cottage
Nr Cheltenham
Gloucestershire GL53 9NP


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> Bonaventure Magrys asked,
> >Is it possible to propagate Alstroemeria from the bottom of stems from
> >flower bouquets?
> Sorry, no; you can propagate them only from seed or from portions of the
> root with growing points. The flower stems are annual and will not produce
> roots.

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