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> I hope someone will know if the seeds from Narcissus 'Albus Plenus 
> Odoratus' AKA N. Poeticus 'Plenus' will come true to type.  I am propagating the 
> bulbs for Fedco a Maine company and am trying to find ways to increase 
> production. 

Cindy ~

While APO is a form of the species, N. poeticus, it is a mutation.  In this 
form the reproductive organs have mutated to petaloids and, thus, don't exist.  
Having said that, there sometimes does occur in doubles a fragment of an 
anther attached to one of the petaloids.  This pollen is usually fertile if placed 
on the stigma of a normal flower.  It is unlikely that you would be getting 
doubles from the cross as the majority of the seedlings would likely be the 
single form of the species and, arguably, a hybrid.  

This particular daffodil must be increased asexually, whether naturally or by 
interventional means.  One of the hallmarks of N. poeticus (forms and 
hybrids) is its very slow rate of natural reproduction.

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