styrofoam, etc.

Susan Hayek
Mon, 07 Feb 2005 21:09:14 PST
At 6:47 PM -0500 2/7/05, wrote:
>One email commentator noted that using styrofoam peanuts in soil mixes "out
>to be against the law."  I'm inclined to agree, at least from an aesthetic
>point of view.  If agaves accept the peanuts I'll try large bulbs 
>next (Crinum),
>and see what results I get.

**We've bought orchids at orchid shows potted in styrofoam.
Whatever works.
I suppose it's a good way to recycle.
You can cover the top of the pot with something attractive, improving 
the aesthetics and preventing 'blow-away' of the styrofoam.

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