Kenneth Hixson khixson@nu-world.com
Sun, 06 Feb 2005 01:09:01 PST
>Rexius Forest By-Products in Eugene, Oregon sells pumice by the bag,

         Lane Forest Byproducts, also in Eugene, also sells pumice, probably
from the same supplier that Rexius obtains theirs from.  I've never bought
it by the bag, but they will deliver larger amounts, and will also mix it--
with bark for instance, or probably with whatever you want.  The delivery 
would probably be pretty high--it starts at fifteen miles, and goes up each
mile thereafter.  There is also a charge for mixing, at least in smaller 
         They offer at least two grades, fines, probably equivalent to what
Jane names as unwashed, and a coarser grade, about1/2-3/8" minus.  I think
they also have an even coarser grade, but have never bought it.
         If you are in the area it might be worth asking if they can offer
"boulders" or larger pieces.
         Other landscape suppliers probably also offer the same  things.
There are also now dealers who specialize in offering stone for landscape/
construction use, and they might also be a possible source, as would
anyone who makes "pumice" blocks for construction.

         If you use pumice, be sure to mulch with something which doesn't
float, or you will lose the pumice.  It does hold a surprising amount of
water, even in summer.


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