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Sat, 05 Feb 2005 19:15:01 PST
Rexius Forest By-Products in Eugene, Oregon sells pumice by the bag, and by
Jane's definition, it is definitely "unwashed".  I don't know their source
but know they do ship/deliver elsewhere.  Their number is 888-473-9487.

Robin Hansen
Southwest Oregon Zone 9
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> Something to know about horticultural pumice is that it comes in two
> versions, washed and unwashed. The washed kind is what one finds in little
> bags in garden centers; it has had the fines (dust) washed out. It's used
> primarily as an alternative to Perlite and has the same disadvantage: it
> "floats" to the top of the pot unless mixed with something of the same
> general dimensions and
> density (i.e., fine bark). I find it horrible as an
> ingredient for bulb potting soil, and it is less likely to give the plants
> a nutrient boost, which the unwashed type certainly does. However, the
> washed pumice is a decent soil amendment in the garden and is useful in
> growing demanding alpines. I use only the unwashed type now, which is
> harder to find. I mix it with forest loam and very sharp coarse sand. I
> don't know if unwashed pumice is available except near the source. I think
> the place I get it from buys it from a nearby plant that uses it to
> manufacture building blocks.
> Jane McGary
> Northwestern Oregon
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