Deer Fencing
Sun, 06 Feb 2005 10:45:20 PST
Before I could afford a 'real' fence, I had the cheap 5' chicken wire around 
my lush vegetable garden.  I cut tall pieces of bamboo and wove them through 
the top of the fence about every 3 feet leaving the top 3 feet sticking up 
above the fence.  People said it wouldn't work.  It worked extremely well, the 
deer would not jump something that looked like it had daggers across the top.  
Prior to doing this, they were in it daily.  
Another friend has successfully used the electric wire for years around his 
large lush garden. He says the key to that is to think like a deer.  It must be 
where it would hit them in the head if they are standing, low enough they 
can't go under it and also close enough together so they can't just step between 
the wires.
Good luck!  Carolyn in Los Gatos

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