Deer Fencing
Sun, 06 Feb 2005 10:46:47 PST
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I am having a problem with deer invading our Botanical garden during the 
summer months and would like information/advice on supplies,height of fence,etc.
Don't want to use metal fencing and cost is a real concern.

We have used 7.5 foot deer fencing for several years. Use the heaviest gauge 
fence that you can afford.  We used short lengths of galvanized electrical 
conduit driven into the ground as receptacles and concrete rebar (painted black) 
for poles.  Ground staples were made from heavy aluminium wire.  Use black zip 
ties. Doors can be fabricated from ABS drain pipe/fittings using chain link 
fence hinges and locks.
Mark Mazer
Intarsia Ltd.
Gaylordsville, Connecticut 06755-0142

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