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Christine Council
Sat, 22 Jan 2005 17:50:34 PST
I am not sure who to send this mail to, however, my computer has been down for some time
and we are having trouble getting it to work.  Is there a News Letter and registration?  if so, I
haven't received the necessary information to re-new my registration or get the News letter. 
Please send me what ever information I need, I would appreciate it.

Thanks to Mary Sue and every body who works so hard in the Bulb Society, you are a great
bunch of people.  I get embarrassed when I think about some of the questions I ask or the
suggestion I make;  still I have come a long way  because I new nothing when I started and now
I know something.  If I recall my favorite plant didn't have a name and then I found out that they
are Oxalis and a lot more.  Thanks to all who put up with my questions and jokes, feel free to ask
if you are not sure if I am joking or just confused.  If the truth be told, I really did think some one
dropped a peanut shell in my flower pot last Fall, after all it looked like a peanut shell to me.   The
PBS showed me the peanut shell was indeed a shell, however it did not house a peanut.  Now I
dig around for "seed pods."  Take care everyone  and continue to keep me informed, thanks. 
Chris Council

--- Christine Council
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