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chriswiesinger@cox.net chriswiesinger@cox.net
Sat, 22 Jan 2005 19:31:11 PST
Just received the news letter and saw what the rave was all about. It really looks great (my membership dues are in the mail....)

I introduced myself awhile ago and have just been reading and learning. Don't have much to offer, except to say that in the state of Texas, the Chinese Sacred Lilies, their double form (Constantinople or Double Roman--Does anyone know the difference?) are about done blooming. 

The old white French Roman Hyacinths are on their second or third scape. Some of the blues have begun to bloom, and if anyone has any pinks, I would love to know about it. The Narcissus itallicus are also in full bloom.

Hope this helps.

Zone 8A--Texas

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