Hippeastrum seeds

Osmani Baullosa osmani_baullosa@yahoo.com
Thu, 21 Jul 2005 09:37:39 PDT
Hi Alberto, need your help again:
I have a question about those cases in which the water never runs out of the pot:
If the soil mix turns dry in the upper layer, and the drainage is not good -so the water remains for a longer time down in the pot... Will the roots finnally absorbe this water if you stop watering the plant? Or they will rot? I have a big pot with Alstroemeria (4 years old plants), with a saucer... and the same situation I am describing... It's the only case like this I found among my plants... 
Thanks in advance,

Alberto Castillo <ezeizabotgard@hotmail.com> wrote:

"Alberto, my pots are mostly very large (largest 29 cm diameter on top) and 
of red clay with glazed "saucers". No water ever runs out onto the saucer.

Dear Carol:
Great if it means that you give them only the proper amount 
they can use. But, there are also many cases in which water just do not run 
through because the mix has degraded too fine and/or the drainage hole at 
the bottom is not working anymore. Surprisingly, most people would poke a 
finger and if the mix is dry in the upper layer keep on adding water without 
realizing that if the water is not going out, it must remain somewhere.
All the best

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