Cyclamen purpurascens

Janet Galpin
Thu, 21 Jul 2005 09:47:47 PDT
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from Laura & Dave <> contains these words:

> I too am having my first flowering of C purpurascens this summer.  Mine are 
> fourth year seedlings, growing in a spot that only gets direct sun at 
> mid-morning.  They don't actually ever go completely dormant, as long as I 
> remember to give them a bit of water occasionally.  I followed the
> thread of 
> advice that said plant them deeply, so that the tubers are between 2 and 3 
> inches down.  The fragrance from the flowers is strong and rich,
> reminiscent of 
> lilacs.  I am very pleased!!

> Dave Brastow
>    7A - Tumwater, Washington.

I had quite a nice patch for three years so and then one season they
disappeared. I assumed it was too dry for them and that, compared with
other Cyclamen, they do need a fair amount of water.
I'm now growing some replacements in pots and will remember the advice
to plant deeply.
Janet Galpin
S. Lincs, UK

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