Pulling down to correct level

Alberto Castillo ezeizabotgard@hotmail.com
Tue, 12 Jul 2005 17:05:33 PDT
   What an interesting topic. Some comments. Let's assume we are all 
speaking of a well drained mix, otherwise our respective results will be 
   What adult bulbs seek by going deeper is the right soil temperature to 
incubate the flower buds, hence some are programmed to go very deep and 
others do quite shallowly (IN THE WILD). Inmature bulbs will go deep looking 
for protection and "maturity" is thus obtained (we can speed it up by 
replanting them deeper every year).
    The absurd advice of sowing seed very deep will not doubt dispatch 
scores of seed packets except in the hands of the experts. You do not need 
to be Norm Deno to know that the main ingredient for seed "resurrection" is 
oxygen. Sow deep and when the soil gets really wet the seed is rotten for 
good. Here there is a clear confusion between the fact that seedlings become 
more and more robust as they go deeper and depth of sowing. Step one, sow 
shallowly in a porous mix, step two, repot seedlings deeper every year.
    Much as my respect and admiration for Peter reaches the heavens, another 
absurd advice is given in "The Color Encyclopedia.....". In it you can read 
that if you have no idea of how deep a bulb or corm must be planted you must 
do it shallowly and count with the plant going deeper by itself. It will 
probably do but plants can not walk, the amount of effort and the waste of 
energy will be tremendous. In fact, when one repots one's bulbs I have found 
they resent very much being brought shallower: by using a twig or better a 
ruler one can be certain they are at the same level or deeper. This is 
obvious when you do not repot frequently: all will eventually be found 
deeper. Again,a porous mix will allow for an easier vertical movement.

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